Sunday, October 14, 2012

Roger Rabbit

Nothing's better than preparing for a holiday getaway! Though nothing is set in stone yet and we are still in the process of fixing all the documents needed for our SCHENGEN Visa application, we've been buying winter-worthy clothes! (Mainly just the UGGs my dad bought since we already have clothes for cold weather) In the past I've bought a sweater from Zara and a scarf from Benetton. I look forward to using them!

I bought two things today! A sweater on sale in Terranova (which was ridiculously cheap mind you) and Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. 

The second I saw the book sitting in front of Powerbooks ATC, I grabbed it and went to the counter to pay for it. I've been looking for that book and I am so happy I found it :') Especially since I haven't read any books by Maureen Johnson and I've been very curious. She's been in a couple of vlogbrothers videos and I just had to! HOO HA NERDFIGHTERS!!!! I'm saving it up for the plane trip to Switzerland though. So stoked. 
((This book reminds me of "A Year in Europe" by Rachel Hawthorne which I read back in highschool because it also featured 3 stories of 3 girls in London, Paris and Rome))

In other news, we also found a suitable camera bag for when we are travelling! We didn't buy it yet though since I don't really like how it looks. Functionality wise though, it's perfect! If we do buy it, then it'll be an addition to the Case Logic items we already have. I think we deserve a loyalty discount. haha

Title Credits: Roger Rabbit - Sleeping with Sirens 

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