Sunday, February 17, 2013

Leaving Verbier: Day 5

This was out last day on the mountain so I just took pictures of the view seen from our chalet. We took a train from Verbier back to Geneva. This trip gave me a deeper appreciation for trains. It's definitely the best way to travel!

We arrived at my Tita's home past noon. I was so tired, I decided to ditch my camera when we went out again for dinner in Manor and shopping in Ville where I was able to score cool boots and a blazer at H&M for a really cheap price!

P.S. Long time no blog! I've been so preoccupied lately by school and org work that catching up on blog posts slips my mind. 

P.p.s. I'm so sorry of how crappy pictures look on this blog. I swear they look so much better if you click to enlarge them! :)

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