Sunday, May 04, 2014

Japan Day 2: Nagoya Castle (Pt.1)

I will be dividing Day 2 into two parts: Nagoya Castle and Tokyo Skytree. As much as I want to compress our second day into one post, I couldn't because I really wanted to share a lot of the photos with you all! Get ready for a huuuuuge photo spam!

Okay! When travelling, always start your day right. How? By eating a very very hearty breakfast. Always charge up for whole day of walking and sightseeing!!!
We took a short train ride to Nagoya Castle. Spot the cute guy waiting for his train? hihi.
A moat!!! Of course every castle needs a moat! Now it's just filled with lumoat. 
I'm kidding. Please don't hate me.
Entrance to Nagoya Castle is 500 Yen for adults, more or less $5. 
The walk to the main castle grounds is pretty long, but we got to enjoy the cherry blossoms along the way.
To be honest, we didn't even know what this building was. They were calling people out in Japanese and they led us inside. We were assuming the inside is the replica of the interior of the castle. The floor was made of very smooth wood and there was a lot of gold on the wallpapers. 
The iconic Nagoya Castle! Before going in however, we spotted people eating matcha soft serve. We couldn't resist so we bought one and it was soooo good. By far the best green tea ice cream I've had.
The inside of the castle is a museum displaying armor, swords, guns, japanese calligraphy, etc. It really sucks that everything was in Japanese except for the labels of what those things were. We found it so much harder to appreciate since we couldn't understand the significance of each object or if there's a story behind it. 
The view from the top was pretty sweet. You get the views of the castle grounds and the city in general. 
Mmmm sakura so much of it! There are several types and they're all very pretty, but my favorte is the white one that is specially pink at the center.

So that's it for now, I will post part 2 where we take a shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo SOON!
For now enjoy your day and may the fourth be with you! 

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