Thursday, June 18, 2015

Canada 2014 Day 1: The Big Apple & Kingston

Better late than never! I just recently came back from a month-long trip to America but now that I'm back, I thought it was about time to blog about our trip to Canada. 

First day all together, we went to The Big Apple and Kingston. We rented out two huge SUVs: a GMC Yukon and a Chevrolet Tahoe in order to accommodate all of us. 

Me feeding my cousin some of my caramel apple and laughing because he just slobbered all over it haha.
 What's Big Apple without, well, a big-ass apple?
 Adorable cousin with his equally adorable hat.
 Kingston was very very windy. It was one of the warmer days during our visit though. Typical Canada. Lol
I forgot to bring gloves that day so this is me trying to look like I'm okay when I'm not. What's new? Just kidding. 
 We made a quick stop at the Tim Hortons near by and had coffee and bagels. 
 We called it a day early since it was Christmas Eve and we had dinner at home.

This trip is easily one of the best ones I've had mainly because my relatives from Qatar and Houston flew in as well to visit our other relatives in Toronto. I have very few decent photos because it was so cold and I didn't have proper gloves. I felt like my hands were gonna fall off! Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this collection of photos.  :)

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