Thursday, August 09, 2012

I waited for our sun to shine

As seen on the news, the past couple of days have been very tough for the Philippines, mainly Metro Manila. Flash floods due to the strong rains brought about by the monsoon has seriously costed people their homes and livelihood. Our school called off classes to be able to concentrate on repacking and donating goods to those affected. The reports on the news sadden me and gets me teary eyed. I feel guilty for not being able to do anything since I was stuck at the dorm for two days... now I'm back home. I'm just glad that today, the sun has finally showed itself. After three very dark days, we finally have our good weather back.

We've yet to do our part to help out on those affected. I, first off don't know where to donate and second, it's not like my mom trusts me enough to take the car anywhere! Anyways, tomorrow is my dad's birthday and I still don't have a gift for him. uh oh. 

Title credit: Waiting For My Sun To Shine - The Maine

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