Wednesday, August 15, 2012


And that's me "feeling" Sam DeSantis with the hand drawing I did during TRANMAC (w/c I also repeatedly retouched since the ballpen ink kept on fading. Today was a very good day for me! Everything turned out successfully. Though definitely not smoothly! Here's why!
  • SOCTEC2: Answered quiz 3 properly. Definitely not getting a perfect score, but I'll definitely pass! /// Sir approved my final paper so I was able to pass it to him today!
  • ECONENG: Sir moved the quiz to August 25! /// Sabaw moments with Michelle and Micah while trying to make my Shift+Solve work
  • TRANMAC: Group reportings so we really didn't have to do anything but listen to reports about Induction motors, DC motors,etc. Thus, I had time to do this weird triangles thing on my hand.
  • LBYEC32: Our cascading amplifier worked! So we can finally move on to putting it in a PCB! /// Got an 88 in the practical exam (Pretty high for an engineering student)
  • MEET THE MASTERS SEMINAR: A seminar organized by my org, ECES. They got a speaker from Intel who was also a DLSU engineering graduate, and another speaker from Hitachi who is a Malaysian. I don't know how they did it, but they both totally inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and strive to be a better engineer for my country! I learned from Dr. Chandra that it doesn't matter if you don't have enough knowledge on a subject matter. As long as you have the initiative and the drive to do something, you'll be successful because you'll learn along the way. (It sounded better when he said it...I can't put it in proper wording right now, idk)
  • Dinner with Rei-Anne in Samgyupsalamat, our favorite Korean resto a few steps away from our dorm. She was craving for ramen, so yeah we ate there. But since I only had 20 pesos left, she decided to make me libre. Yaaay! Thanks Rachelle!
Anyways, that's all for now since it's already 10:35 and I just got home! I still need to do all the requirements for our yearbook Green and White! Can't believe I'll finally be in a college yearbook!

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