Thursday, August 23, 2012

You'll Never Know

Here I am again expressing my infinite love for The Maine. That is their latest single from their new EP coming out called Pioneer and the Good Love.

Just last tuesday while I was working on my Pre-amplifier project, I won a twitter contest held by @BazookaRocksPH. I won a ticket to the music festival! Words cannot express how happy I was. I was so happy I didn't eat lunch! I will see The Maine for the 4th time, FTSK for the 2nd (3rd if you count soundcheck), then Mayday Parade, The Wonder Years, Avastera, A Skylit Drive and Pretty Reckless for the first time! I haven't told my parents about this but I will keep my fingers crossed that they'll allow me since SMX is only a couple minutes away from my place here in Taft.

Then I am also addicted to Yellowcard's cover of Fix You by Coldplay that came with their new album Southern Air! Covering Coldplay is such a tough job but Yellowcard did it flawlessly! Kudos to them!

Just when I was on Sonic Pill last weekend, I also found out that there's a music video for "Here I Am Alive" and Tay's in it! She's so pretty! I am so happy Yellowcard's back on track because I missed them!

Also, I have been addicted to this Korean Drama since last night. Michelle forced me to watch it and I thank the heavens she did. It's so funny and KILIG. hihi. It's sort of cliche with the soul swapping but I don't know...there's something unique about it. AND, they're both so cute! K-drama is definitely be one of my guilty pleasures! No regrets!

 And this has been a series of things I am addicted to right now. With this blogpost you may think that I have too much time on my hands; but the truth is, this week has been non-stop for me. Filled with projects and quizzes. I am surprised I haven't turned into a zombie yet! At 7pm I forced myself to get up and eat dinner. Now I will have to study for my quiz on Saturday!

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