Friday, September 07, 2012

Mister Reckless

It's been a tough month for me. Projects, quizzes, homework, then final exams. I'm just glad to be home. Too bad my parents are in Singapore right now so I am alone right now(with the house helper of course). It's my parents' first time to leave me alone here in the Philippines and I must say it's pretty sad. But then again I think they deserve an alone time in another country. 

Funny though since I think they feel guilty about leaving me here that everyday my mom bought shirts for me from H&M and my dad just bought me 50mm 1.8f lens! I swear I feel guilty that they bought so many things for me despite my bad anticipated grade for ECONENG, which is Economics for Engineering. Let's hope for the best! 

Anyways, since I got bored, I decided to experiment on shooting in RAW and editing using Adobe Lightroom 4. I must say that it's pretty awesome to be able to adjust settings during the post editing process! They look grainy though. I still need to learn how to maintain quality despite editing. I just self teach myself on everything so I learn things the hard way. Here are two of the edited images
Not much to photograph since I am just at home and the weather outside is so bipolar. 

Here's a newly released music video of You Me At Six's new single "Reckless". So much love for these boys.

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