Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Amsterdam 2012

Had a brief stop over at Taipei. From there, we had a gruelling 13 hour flight to Amsterdam.  

Their subway stations are so sketchy, it's borderline creepy. Same goes with the people. It was only a 5 hour layover and we arrived at 7am (since it's winter) so it was pretty dark out 'til around 9am. I only tweaked with my camera's setting so I can get brighter images.

The city looked amazing. I saw all the little Dutch houses I used to only see on magazines and little figurines. Too bad it was raining though, so we weren't able to take the boat cruise. I promise I'll come back for a longer visit!

 Next stop: Geneva, Switzerland! I'll post later or in the coming days depending on how lazy I will get.

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