Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 3(Geneva):Switzerland // Christmas Day

For Christmas, we all just stayed at home the whole day. Like I said in my past entries, the French-Swiss do love their food so the whole christmas lunch lasted from 1pm to around 5pm since there are a lot of gaps in between each "part" of the meal. 
Mom and Tita making fruit salad made out of peaches, mangoes, pears, pomegranate, etc. 

Raw salmon which drove Tagay(my Tita's beloved cat) crazy! It is eaten with lime and put over white bread.

Boiled cherry tomatoes then peeled, coated in crushed pistachio then skewered with what I think is prosciutto or some meat similar to that. Really good! There was also foie gras that was turned into a cream and served in shot glasses. Again, really really good! I now see why French cuisine is so looked up to by other cultures. The flavors are so rich and unique, you'd think it's crazy but it totally isn't.

For the main course: Medium rare steak served with a side of potato gratin. But before this, fried scallops were served which served as our entreé. Again, RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. Yes, I had to put it in all caps to emphasize that it was THAT good.

A complete picture with our family there.

All the presents for my nephew!

The presents I got! I've got no proper picture of the gifts(oops). Marc Jacobs perfume and lotion from my cousin Jessica, angry birds flash drive(LOL) from my cousin Noémi and a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet from my Tita. So thankful for these gifts! 

The aftermath. All the wrappers from all the presents we got. That's quite a lot don't you think?

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