Friday, January 11, 2013

Switzerland(Montreux and Geneva): Day 2

First stop was Balexert, to exchange some of our SGD to CHF. My cousin, me, mom and my cousin's husband.

Montreux(Pronounced as mon-tro) is about an hour drive from Geneva. We went there because during the Christmas season, they open up shops near the lake. A christmas bazaar of sorts.

Some of the things the stores sell. Very interesting...expensive too. What's more swiss than a heck lot of  fromage?

Our lunch consisted of crepe (mine was nutella crepe YUM) and this platter of very European stuffs. Thin slices of cheese, bread and dried beef and pork. With thé chaud (hot tea) for drinks.

Me with a very foggy Swiss Alps in the background.

After spending half of the day in Montreux, we headed back to Geneva to what they call the town or Ville.

The world famous jet fountain, the tallest one in the world.

The whole stretch is lined with shops like Lacoste, H&M, Bershka, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Cathédral Saint-Pierre, the top tourist destination in Geneva. One thing in common in all churches I've visited in Europe so far is that they all have pipe organs at the back. They're huge, intricate and beautiful, it's quite overwhelming at first.

I have no idea if Dante Alighieri actually went here...I just took a picture of it. Haha!

The Rolleiflex camera I never got to come back for. :(

After that we headed home for Noche Buena!

Typical French appetizers and champagne in the living room about 30 minutes before you actually eat your main course on the dining table.

Fondue Chinois (fo-du shin-wa) for dinner has noodles and mushroom in the soup. The french do take their sweet ass time eating! Each person has a long fork where they get to cook the raw beef one at a time then dipped in a mixture of mayo-ketchup-tartar-mustard-etc whatever you prefer. AND, you don't drink the soup 'til it's considered leftover the next day. Sounds odd, but it's really good. Sort of hard at first when you're used to eating rice in every meal.

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