Thursday, January 31, 2013

Verbier, Switzerland: Day 2

Probably one of the few times I was glad I wasn't asleep and dreaming! When reality was so much better than my dreams haha

Yes, inches of snow outside and we were in very light clothes...and I was drinking from my yogurt cup! haha

Cassettes in the chalet! So old it!

I'm just so happy I get to spend my last day of 2012 doing something totally new and extreme(for me at least). Skiing is so hard! I almost cried when I WAS AT THE TOP OF THE BUNNY SLOPE. It's embarrassing since kids less than half my height were really good. Good thing my cousins and their guys were there to keep me up! Can I just say my dad was really good considering it's both our first time? YUP.

After appetizers and champagne, we had our dinner. We had fondue chinois again and it's still crazy good.

Clock struck 12 and I finally get to tick another one off my bucket list: Survive 2012! Since people in Verbier are rich, they burned money by setting off a lot of fireworks. The sky was so pretty especially when it illuminates the snow covered mountains.

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