Thursday, January 31, 2013

Verbier, Switzerland: Day 1

Verbier is a village in the Swiss Alps that's very...posh. We were lucky enough to stay there since my cousin has 'connections'. It was a 2 hour drive from Geneva so we had a stop over for some chocolat chuad and coffee. The view is so beautiful!

We were lucky enough that my cousin's Range Rover has a huge glass for a roof so I was able to shoot some of the really high mountains though it. 

The view from the chalet we were staying at! It's breathtaking. I really couldn't believe my eyes and I just realized that this would be the best trip I've ever had! I was just too lucky.

We walked down to the center of the village to rent out skiis and buy some groceries. It literally felt like I was in a movie...or like I'm part of the miniature christmas villages on display every Christmas!

Just so you know the shoes were VERY tight. But it was really supposed to be like that if you don't wanna break your ankle...

Weird vegetable we found in the grocery. I just felt like posting it since it looks so weird.

My very happy parents while we were waiting for the bus, with dad carrying my skiis since they're really heavy!  (The bus is actually free for everyone!)

Appetizers by the fire. Had really good pasta for dinner and everything just felt so calm and right. Good  way to spend our first day on the mountain!

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