Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 4: Paris (Sacre Coeur, Saint Chapelle, Pantheon)

My last entry for Paris. :( 

Since we're going to Sacre Coeur, we rode a different Metro Station...the station's name is Victor Hugo.  Does that ring a bell? Haha! We sort of got lost so I just started taking pictures 'til a Filipino approached us (He can hear us talking in tagalog that we were confused so yeah) and told us which way we should go. BLESS HIM. 

 It may be because I live in a tropical country, but I LOVE leafless trees! 

After riding the metro and walking and coming across shady looking people, Sacre Coeur(w/c in english means Sacred Heart)!

There were about 100+ steps to get to the top since it IS the highest point in all of Paris, so my lazy(just kidding) parents decided we should take the tram going up. It costs as much a train which is pricey, but my parents insisted because they don't wanna get tired. HAHA!

The view is amazing! If you click on the pictures to get a bigger view. On the left you can see the towers of the Notre Dame just peeking out of the rest of the city. Definitely makes up for not going up the Eiffel Tower (it took my cousins 3 hours just to go up and back down a series of elevators).

We got there around 9am. When we went out after the usual prayer and souvenir shopping (around 10:30am+) it was already very crowded and there was a long queue to get in. The same thing happened to us when we went to Notre Dame and again, my dad praised me for making the by-the-hour itinerary! I swear I should've just gotten a degree on tourism lol

Bread bread bread! I usually get sick of bread easily, but during this trip, it was nothing but addicting and delicious! 

Recognize this place? Yup. A part of Monte Carlo was shot here!

Sainte Chapelle!

Again, more pictures of the streets and their photogenic trees. 

The ground floor of Sainte Chapelle was pretty plain and dark. But after taking steep stairs (like stairs in castles you see on TV) to the second floor, we were greeted by HUGE, colorful and elaborately designed stained glass windows. It was overwhelming.

After Sainte Chapelle, my cousins wanted to go to the Pantheon. Our train for Switzerland leaves at 6 so we made a last minute detour and went with them there. 

Again with the Anna and the French Kiss feels. If you've read the book, you know that SOAP is located in the Latin Quarter near the Pantheon. What I didn't realize 'til we got there was that that part of Paris was lined with schools and universities! As seen on the picture above, Universite de Paris. I then understood why SOAP was 'located' in that area. And if you were wondering, yes there were cute guys strolling around!

The toilet that cleans itself. (It's amazing enough to make it to my blog post) We were there a good 20 minutes because there was a line, my dad had to pee, my cousins were too amazed at the toilet that looks like a spaceship inside, and then my cousins wanted to take a piss too because it was just so damn amazing.

I walked ahead of them because I felt like we were wasting our time because of a TOILET. So I walked ahead looking for the Pantheon. I was walking, took a left and bam! There it is. It's so huge, I was just so awed. (Or maybe it's the lack of history, culture and architecture in the Philippines) I will never get sick of these kinds of buildings!

The line up front was so long so we just took pictures outside. Our relative's flight to Barcelona was later than our train so we left ahead of them and they went in. :(

To end the post, a picture with my cousins from America! 

Next up, our trip to Verbier, the Swiss Alps. Au Revoir!


  1. Hi Mariel!

    All of these photos are amazing. You must have had a blast in Paris. I really hope to be able to visit some day! It looks beautiful, and the food looks so delicious!

    It's cool that you speak Tagalog! It seems like a really amazing language (but so difficult to learn!)

    glad to have discovered your blog. It's very fun!

    xx. amber

    1. Paris is an amazing city and I really hope you get a chance to go there soon!
      I'm from the Philippines, so yeah I do speak Tagalog and it's not that far from Spanish actually. Lol Thank you so much that means a lot! :)

  2. Wow! Looks like you've had a good time in Paris!
    I'm new to blogging so have been having a sneaky peek at others blogs for inspiration, yours pictures have inspired me to really want to go to paris!!
    Just noticed the other girl who commented is called Amber, I'm Amber too! haha
    Check out my new blog

    1. Well, I'm glad that I was able to inspire you and hopefully, you'd go there soon and have a blast! :)
      I'll go check it out!