Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 3: Paris(Versailles, Galleries Lafayette)

Pretty disappointed that this day didn't have any good shots. There aren't much pictures in general...maybe because it was so freaking cold that day!

The famous golden gates of Versailles. 

Inside was so crowded and the lighting was so dim so I had so much trouble taking photos :( Here you can see how intricate and detailed the doors and ceilings are. As a matter of fact, all buildings we've been too have very detailed paintings on them(especially Louvre) I just didn't post pictures of those. 

The king's bed. Literally a king-sized bed! 

Hall of mirrors, the most famous and beautiful part of the whole palace. 

Marie Antoinette's chambers. 

The 'backyard' is HUGE. Too bad it was raining so we weren't able to go to the smaller houses. And YES, that's me with a Ladurée bag! Lovely macarons ahhh

Along the path to Versailles when we were on our way back to the city of Paris via RER. We headed straight to Galleries Lafayette!

Our late late lunch. Excuse the ugly pictures, I was too tired and hungry to tweak with the settings :(  The salmon was really good. The rest wasn't...:( We went straight to the rooftop to see the panoramic view of the city!

You can literally see everything from there! From the Pantheon and Notre Dame, to the Eiffel Tower which are actually in different ends of the city!

My mom's purchase. Hihi. It's crazy how you have to line up in most designer stores and wait for one of their staff to assist you. I just wanna emphasize on the fact that the guy assigned to us was G O R G E O U S. Tall, wavy hair, blue eyes, red lips.......... :( My parents were pissed at him though because he was kinda lazy to get different designs from the stock room. Haha! 

Up next is Day 4! I promise better photos from that one!

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  1. Aww wow, I would love to go to Paris! That panaromic view of the rooftops is so good! And mariet Antoinette chambers - so jealous I would love to see that!