Monday, February 18, 2013

Geneva, Switzerland: Last night with family

How we spent our last night. Went to my cousin's house in France (but only 5 mins away from Geneva) for food and drinks. I was really sad that our vacation has come to an end. :(

After a while and we said our goodbyes, we headed back to my Tita's house. The next morning was spent on intense packing! We had so many things both old and new and everything was just a mess. We actually thought we'd have excess baggage. At around 2pm, we left the house (and I cried over leaving Tagay, my Tita's cat). Had some hot chocolate at the airport with my Tita, then when it was almost time to board, we headed inside (and I cried again because I will miss my Tita who's so caring and loving and I miss her!).

I do hope I get another chance to travel to Europe soon! 

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