Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last week I turned 19. :( In my mind I am still and I refuse to say I'm a year older. 
My parents decided we check in Edsa Shangri-La on the night of my birthday, so for dinner I invited some of my friends for dinner at CPK at the Shang mall.
For lunch though we ate and Cibo and I bought a cutesy stripey top from Zara. Yay!

We had 3 orders of pizza and a large order of salad! We were so full they said no to the Starbucks treat my parents were offering. Haha! After parting with them, we headed back to the hotel and we decided to go to the jacuzzi. Since the girl's and guy's are separate my mom and I bonded. :3 We then swam in the pool a bit because it was too hot and I had trouble breathing in the jacuzzi room. We then feasted on fruits and peanuts and chips in the hotel room. That night was just so relaxing. Ah I love my parents.

View from our room (it was facing the pool area) and our messy beds. For lunch we ate at Akira, the tepanyaki restaurant at Shang's new wing.

The food was good but it is quite expensive. We ordered Angus beef, prawns, yasai itame and squid. The amount of food is more than enough for us (it's good for 4). 
Afterwards, we headed to Megamall which turns out to be VERY VERY near our 3 mins walk. Then i went shopping. Yay! The two days were very fulfilling for my stomach. I'm blessed to be given another year!

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