Thursday, April 04, 2013

Lifescout Badges: Nerd Month

Bowling Badge
When I was younger, around 5th grade, my parents enrolled me to have bowling lessons at a bowling alley in a mall close to our house. I wasn't exactly good so I eventually stopped my lessons.

Scrabble Badge
My dad is a very good scrabble player. He can seriously fill up all the triple word and letter points with ease. When we were in Verbier, Switzerland, my dad and I played one on one since there wasn't much to do on a wintry night. Long story short, he beat me by a lot of points.......and I kinda got mad at him. Oops.

Video Games Badge
My uncle once worked for SEGA and he sent me a Sega Saturn console. I was addicted to video games at some point when I was a child (I was convinced I actually a little boy trapped in a little girl's body). When we were on vacation at my cousins's in California, we spent most of our days in front of their Dreamcast playing Tony Hawk's video game. I also recall playing Tekken in my friend's playstation in his house and I was winning despite just pushing random buttons. Haha!

Chess Badge
When I was 7, my parents bought me a chess set. During one of my sleepovers in a friend's house, we played with my chess set and we were pretending to play it Harry Potter style! Me vs. her while her sister was the one moving the pieces. (We pretended she was invisible lol)
Programming Badge
We program all day everyday because I'm taking up a degree on Electronics Engineering. I really hate it and it makes my head hurt, but I need to do this! 

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