Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY: Bleached shorts

I was cleaning out my closet last night when I decided to cut some of my old jeans. I took out 3 pairs but only bleached two of em. 

This blue one I actually never wore. I got it from our trip to Boston 2 years ago but eventually I realized I didn't like it...But now I do! It's 'coz it's kinda high-waisted. I was supposed to dye it but I was already satisfied with the color so I just let it be.

This one I was pretty skeptic at first since its original color was really dark(almost black). I bleached it thrice because the water turned really dark every time I soaked it in the mixture. Eventually, most of it turned grey and still looked ugly, so I dyed it orange. I really like the outcome though!

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