Sunday, June 30, 2013

ECESEMS: Singapore Day 1 & 2

If you didn't know, our batch had a field trip to Singapore two weeks ago. Unfortunately, our date of arrival was also the time the haze was covering the entire country. It was my 4th time to go to Singapore and it was disappointing to see one of the cleanest and beautiful countries I've been to to be covered in hazardous gas. It was a good thing my dad gave me masks which I eventually got to share with my friends! 

My flight to Singapore was a rather dull and bumpy one since I was not seated with my friends. When we touched down Changi Airport, it was hard to see the buildings because the air was so yellow and fuzzy. It was very hot too. But when we got to the hotel, I got to cool down and change clothes. When Reny and friends told me they're gonna eat, I went with them...but while walking around I heard someone call my name and it was actually my barkada!!! So I went with them back to the hotel so they can rest. 

 After resting we decided to head out again and go to SAM, but when we found out that entrance is free on Fridays, we opted to come back on Friday (IT NEVER HAPPENED).  So we took photos outside instead. Then we went to Armenian St. because Fiel highly recommended PEEK. I also said I'd come back for the Diana Fish Eye lens, BUT I NEVER DID.  I saw the Substation and National Museum of Singapore too!

If it isn't already obvious, I have a lot of regrets during this trip and I promise to fix it all if I do come back to SG with Fiel, Ate Julienne, Camille, etc. next year for Laneway! This is what I get for expecting too much...and probably because I was expecting things to be the same when I travel with my parents.

Isn't the sun pretty? It was so much bigger and yellow in real life! (Blame the haze!)

We went back to the hotel to wait for Michelle and Rachelle then went out again for dinner!

 We ate at Plaza Singapura's food court. Our food was not exactly satisfying. We capped off Day 1 after that meal because it was an early start the next day.

The exhibition we went to is at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center. There were a lot of broadcasting, electronics and communications equipment which were very fit for what we are studying.

After going around, it was time for lunch! We walked to Marina Square (VERY VERY FAR) but it was all good fun either way.

We caught a free shuttle from Esplanade back to the convention center so we can meet up with our batchmates and go to Suntec City for iExperience which showcased the latest technology such as using Smartphones and RFIDs for shopping and smart homes wherein all controls and switches can be operated using a tablet! There was also a simulation of a smart classroom where all kids would own computers in the classroom and teachers can control and share his/her files to all the computers. The projectors in the classroom would also have sensors and a stylus so you can draw on the projections shown.

My favorite however is shown below. My friends and batchmates volunteered me to be the sample. Thanks friends haha! It's a virtual make up tester so you can test which make up are suitable for your face. It also has the prices of the products "used" on your face.

After heading back to the hotel to change and rest, we headed out again. Here we are with our blockmates. Block EM! 

We went to Orchard to shop and whatnot. When we got back to the hotel, we played UNO 'til past midnight I guess???

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