Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singapore Haul

Just thought I'd show you my haul form my recent trip to Singapore!
The things I bought were really cheap and it makes me very happy! I was not very satisfied with what I got though. 

These tops we bought last minute in Cotton On in the airport! These were SO cheap! Another bonus was that it's tax free! However, we were some the last people to board the plane but YOSO (you only shop once but not really)!

These I bought in Cotton On and H&M respectively. I've been into dresses lately and I plan on investing in more of these.

These Aldo accessories were so pretty I couldn't say no to the 3 for 2 promo. Three items for the price of two!

I searched high and low for a Topshop to be able to buy a lipstick. Now I regret not buying their smokey eye palette and brush set! I will come back for those I promise ;__; The lipstick I got is in Ditsy. Our trip to Universal Studios made me a shade darker. Once I get lighter again I'm pretty sure this shade will suit me again!

The mascara on the other hand was an impulse buy in 7Eleven. Yes, 7 Eleven before we left for the airport because I was so depressed how I only got to shop for a few things.  

Also bought this because it's one of the best books ever! I actually blogged about this HERE.

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