Thursday, August 01, 2013

ECESEMS: Day 4 Universal Studios

My last day in Singapore was spent in the famous Universal Studios Singapore. It's the 3rd "branch" I've been to so I already knew what to expect. We took a free bus ride (in front of Ibis Hotel) to Sentosa to get there, which was convenient. We were blessed that this day had a much better weather since the haze was at a minimum and the sun was shining.

Typical touristy photos in front of the Universal globe.

We rode the Spaghetti Meatball Chase then the Transformers ride which was totally awesome! Next up were the Battlestar Galactica ride roller coasters: Human and Cylon. If you must know, I've never rode any extreme outdoor roller coasters before and surprisingly, my blockmates successfully persuaded Arianne and I to ride one. Everyone got on Cylon(The more intense one) while Arianne and I fooled everyone by pretending we rode Human. However, after they rode Cylon, they pulled us in again to ride Human and we actually did! It was so much fun we immediately rode Cylon again after than. It was one the most spontaneous things I've done and I thank my friends and guy blockmates for that. :)

We had lunch at The Mummy part of the theme park then went straight to the ride! This one was the same as the one in Orlando and we rode it twice or thrice in a row. It was too awesome.

Pinocchio you sassy biotch.

On the way out, we got to meet Beetlejuice, Po and Frankenstein's monster!

It is sad that my post is cut short because my photos end here. After Universal, we ate dinner then I went straight to sleep out of exhaustion. The next day, I had to wake up early because I was on an earlier flight. (Regrets because I should have taken the later flight) Nonetheless, it was totes fun especially since I was just with friends and no parents. 

Hopefully I can do more travel posts in the future! 'Til next time ;)

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  1. Wow, this looked like a really amazing trip! I didn't know there was a Universal in Singapore! Very lovely!

    xLeah Symonnex