Saturday, August 03, 2013

Musical Saturday v3.0

There might not exactly be parallelism in my musical day posts since my first post was a Thursday and the second one was a Monday... BUT it's just the way it is so deal with it! These are songs that make me wanna lay in a peaceful meadow with flowers surrounding me. 

Magnet by Now, Now

Chocolate by The 1975

Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) by The XX

Burning Bridges by OneRepublic

I Wish I Knew by Years and Years

The Best Song Ever by One Direction

And yes of course I had to put The Best Song Ever. Of course.

Did you notice how I just posted 3 days in a row?! Just trying to make up for that brief hiatus due to all the school work which will most probably resume next week. Engineering majors be crayyy. 

Happy listening! :)

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