Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Perfect Days

It all started Wednesday morning when I had to get up early. Not for school, but for Adam T. Siska. I met up with Camille past 8am at the Vito Cruz station then met up with Fiel at the Ayala Station so we could all ride a cab together to Makati Shangri-La.
For those who didn’t know, Adam Siska is from a band called The Academy Is… But sadly, they broke up last 2011 leaving our hearts empty :( We’ve already met Andy Mrotek when he was tech-ing for Cobra Starship last Year for the Smash Project and Fiel has met William Beckett when he paid a visit June of last year. When we found out that Carly Rae Jepsen was gonna have a show here in Manila, we just knew we had to meet Adam (he was/is my favorite member of TAI).
Meeting him was surreal and I was shaking when this photo was taken. Thank God Fiel and Camille weren’t as speechless as I was because I was smiling and shaking my head the entire time. We waited from around 9 ‘til about 12 noon to see him and have our CDs signed. He was so sweet and it was so worth it. He even liked my photo on instagram!

The next day was Fall Out Boy and everything happened way too quickly. After getting home Wednesday night, I started listening to Fall Out Boy…then came tears, then came sadness. I cried over missing FOB’s concert twice and I wasn’t about to make it thrice so I decided that I should go. thank God Ate Julienne was able to buy me a Gen Ad ticket. Even if I got the cheapest ticket, I had so much fun because I was with some of the funnest people I know!

The moment the first note of Thriller was played, I got goosebumps and I started tearing up. I’ve been a fan for 9 years and it was overwhelming to finally see them play their songs right in front of me. I'm quite disappointed though since they didn't play Sophomore Slump and that the concert in itself seemed too short. Their setlist was awesome nonetheless!

The whole experience was amazing and I was glad I got to meet up with some of the people I rarely see! We hung out in Starbucks for a while but I had to go ahead because I rode with JR til Alabang. Jr if you are reading this, Thank you again! I owe you free stalking consultations hahaha!
For now I guess I’d have to miss Bazooka Rocks for the second time. :(

I can't over those two days.

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