Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Happy Weekend

What I thought would be one of the worst weekends ever turned out to be one of my best ones yet. Due to typhoons and class cancellations, our university was forced to hold make-up classes on a Saturday and a Sunday, so I thought I'd be stuck in my dorm room the entire weekend. I go home every weekend but I am always terribly homesick so it is a very big deal for me.

My parents decided to stay in a hotel very close to my school and I stayed there with them for two nights. I'm very grateful for their efforts and I am blessed to be an only child with loving parents (lol). While they were trying to relax (dad still had to work too) I was doing numerous papers and projects!

Here is a series of photos taken using my ipad. Enjoy the low quality! 

It's safe to say that all my hard work in this said weekend and the whole term in general paid off because my grades are perfectly well (as a mediocre engineering student). Now I am happily enjoying my one day term break here at home on my bed unbathed. Yay!

Now off to plan our next vacation

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