Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 4: Macau 2013

Our fourth day in Macau started very late since we decided to sleep in and relax. Past 12 noon we went to the City of Dreams, which is right beside the Holiday Inn-Conrad-Sheraton complex that we were staying in. We originally went there to ride the bus to Senado Square, but we were hungry so we decided to eat lunch first.

Hello cute little kid *_*

The name of the restaurant is Ji Xiang Yuan inside City of Dreams. The price was reasonable since it was inside a hotel, but the taste wasn't above average. (pwede na)

We ordered mixed vegetables in oyster sauce, fried rice, fried spring rolls and suckling pig. 

Inside City of Dreams there is also a show called Dragon's treasure (a very high-tech show with projectors, lights, lasers and water) and they have a promo wherein you get a free ticket for every 200MOP worth of purchase in COD. We got two free tickets so we only had to pay for one! 

We've watched the Dragon's Treasure before but we really liked it so we watched it again. 

A convenience when travelling within Macau are the free shuttle buses. From COD we took a free shuttle to Hotel Sintra, which is a very short walk away from Senado Square. In this part of Macau, the Portuguese influence is very evident because the buildings look so European. 

It was the 24th of December when we went there so we passed by a church and prayed. Along with many other influences on the Chinese by the Portuguese was religion and there are relatively a lot of churches in Macau. 

A long upward walk from the church and a couple of free sample of sweets later is the famous Ruins of St. Paul. It used to be a cathedral until it got burned down in the 1800s. Ruinas de São Paolo, as known in Portuguese is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A sneaky photo of a bride in her gown for her pictorial despite the really cold weather. What I loved most about her was that she was wearing sneakers! haha!

Macau is very famous for their egg tarts and beef jerky so we bought those and along with a lot of other sweets and pastries to take home to Manila. The streets are so busy and crowded it made the atmosphere very lively. 

I got to try Turkish ice cream and ate tusok tusok food. I once called the tusok tusok we ate in the same place back in 2009 as the best I've ever tasted. I'm so glad I got to eat it again (though from a different stall because the one we previously ate from looked "dangerous" in a sense that we might get sick haha). Various fried dumplings and vegetables in hot and spicy curry sauce. Yummm! My asian tummy was satisfied.   

As the night approached the louder they played Christmas songs (mostly Taylor Swift songs idk why). There were even a bunch of teens who had free hugs signs. I took photos of some of them and they even hugged me! Aww 

Hong Kong and Macau are walking cities. From Senado Square we walked to Grand Lisboa to see the biggest diamond in the world and one of the biggest emeralds in the world. Along with those are huge sculptures of ivory and gold with very intricate designs. CRAZY!

Again from Grand Lisboa we walked to Wynn Hotel for a nice view of the Macau Tower and the Dragon thing (it used to be the Tree of prosperity I really don't know what it's called now).

From Wynn, we took another free shuttle to the Ferry Terminal so that we could ride the shuttle to Galaxy from there. Galaxy is one of the prettiest hotels I've seen especially at night because it looks so grand and is well-lit. It did disappoint though since there isn't much to see inside. We did have light dinner there though because there is a food court inside (shared one plate of Sizzling Pepper Steak since we were still full lol). 

After eating we took a shuttle back to our hotel. My dad decided to go to the casino and my mom wanted to rest. I went downstairs with my dad and tried to get in the casino but they knew I was still below 21 so they rejected me. Boohoo. I roamed around the mall attached to our hotel then went back up to get my camera and took photos.

I originally didn't intend to go all the way to Venetian but I'm glad I did. Here is the exterior view of our hotel and Conrad Hotel.

The Venetian side was so lively with non-stop variety performances. There were singers and ice-skating fire jugglers when I went there. After getting several shots I went back to the hotel and took a rest.

I hope you liked this very lengthy blog post! I hope this makes up for all the delay. There are three more days left to blog for our HK-Macau trip and four for our Palawan trip! My internship is tiring but I'm very proud to say I've been learning a lot!

'Til the next blog post...

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