Monday, March 03, 2014

Palawan Day 1: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

My family and I flew to Puerto Princesa early in the morning of December 31 via PAL Express. It was actually our first time to go on a local tour so we were very excited. There's so much to explore in our country, it's such a shame we don't get around much. 

After arriving and checking in at our hotel (Hotel Sentro which is a decent and clean hotel), we took a tricycle (that is unusually larger than the ones found here in Manila) to Badjao Seafront Restaurant. We had a nice view of the ocean and good food and wine. We ordered lots and lots of seafood of course. Spot my fat legs and my weird pose haha!

After lunch we had a half-day city tour -- a disappointing tour if you've been to a lot of tours abroad. Save for the Tribal Village in the Butterfly Garden, everything was not above the ordinary. We were actually scheduled for the Crocodile Farm but it was closed because of the holiday so we were diverted to the butterflies. Not exactly thrilling for me since I hate insects. Sorry!

The Butterfly Garden was small and had several other insects such as the stick insect and the millipede. They had beetles and scorpions too.

The Tribal Village had several indigenous families showcase their traditions and products. I actually enjoyed this part of the tour the most because of their originality. We got to see how they used some of their weapons for hunting, their own version of cigarettes and even their pet snakes. 

We also passed by Mitra's Ranch. It is a politician's house which was opened to the public (the grounds only) because it has a nice view of Honda Bay. A few minutes from there is the famous Baker's Hill. The place was pretty quiet so we got to relax as we ate our mais con yelo because it was unbearably hot.

Souvenir shops were also a stop during our city tour but I decided to stay in the van and nap because I was extremely exhausted. We all woke up at around 2am so ya'll can understand how tired we were. Last stop was a church near the baywalk. We said our prayers and headed back to the hotel. 

When we got back to the hotel, we took a shower and had a very long nap. 4-9pm if I remember correctly? We had our buffet dinner in our hotel accompanied by a countdown show/party. Remember me blogging about having our New Year's Eve in Verbier, Switzerland last year? Well it was fun that we were able to spend New Year's again with them again!

More on our Palawan trip soon! Day 2 is our trip to the Underground River which is also one of the Seven Wonders of Nature so stick around. 

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