Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 7: HK >> MNL

On our last day we only had breakfast at the hotel and packed more for our trip home. This was also the day I started to feel very sick due to the very dry winter air. I made sure that I enjoyed the cold air for the remainder of the trip since there's none of that here in the Philippines!

The Hong Kong Airport is modern, spacious and clean…then there's NAIA. :( 

Popeye's because the last time I ate there was when we last went to HK. My parent's had yummy yummy tonkatsu from Saboten!

It was a fun and smooth trip. One of the smoothest ones we've had, which was surprising considering this trip was only planned a week before due to indecisiveness. 

Stay tuned because my next blog would be about my trip to Palawan with my extended family for New Year's! 
Happy weekend! 
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