Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 6: Macau >> HK 2013

Day 6 was our last day in Macau so we left that morning for Hong Kong via Turbo Jet.

Here is a little photo of what our hotel room in Macau looked like. Everything's so clean and simple.

There were strong rains while we were on the ferry ride and it was scary and bumpy. Thank God the rain was gone by the time we arrived in Hong Kong.

 We had lunch at the ferry terminal then went straight to our hotel to freshen up and leave our things.

 Our room was at the Horizon Club floor which had free food (FIST PUMPS) and a lovely view of the harbour. 

Free fruits and hot tea. So hospitable <3

After settling down we went straight to the Victoria Peak tram station. Unfortunately, it was super swamped with tourists with an estimated 2hrs waiting time so my dad decided it's best to take a cab since we didn't have enough time and it was close to dusk. We got there just in time for one of the most awesome sunsets I've seen ever. No edits or filters needed. 

After sightseeing we went to the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum located at The Peak itself. Sorry for the cheesy touristy photos but these are all I have. Safe to say these are the least embarrassing photos I have.

We rode the taxi again going down from The Peak since the line was still very long. We sneaked our last dinner at Din Tai Fung again just because the food is too good. Even had an argument with a rude British lady just coz she felt superior. Rest assured I made her realize that she isn't and that she needed an attitude check.

We walked back to the hotel and were greeted with free milk and cookies and just AHH I love free food. The best kinds of food are the ones that are free and yummy. 

We were leaving the next day so we had to pack and get ready. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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