Friday, March 28, 2014

Palawan Day 4: Dos Palmas Island Resort

Our last day in Palawan was spent in the famous Dos Palmas Island resort where we got to go kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving (excluded in the day pass). In my opinion the resort is overrated and simply photogenic. The resort is in an island but with no proper beach because it's not exactly clean and the buffet lunch was pretty average. 

We stayed at the resort until 3pm where a large boat took us back to the mainland. The boat ride to and from the island is approximately 40 minutes long so make sure you consider that when making your itinerary. Since we were leaving that same night, we got the hotel to say yes to a very late check out (around 6:30 pm after a considerably long negotiation). We also had our dinner there and we had buffet sizzling plates. It was pretty good but costs around 1kPHP+ per head.

Overall our stay in Palawan was okay. The main thing that would make me come back to Puerto Princesa are the people who all seem to be so honest and kind. They do have a very different aura from the people back here in Manila and the trip was a good learning experience for us. The travel agency we got was the absolute worst and ripped us off our 4-day stay. Such a shame since we had a very good travel guide for 3 days. 

What other places would you suggest? Any new place is always a good place for an adventure! Where do we go next? :)

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