Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's App?: Macbook

Have you ever hoarded apps just to delete them immediately after opening them because they're completely useless and a bunch of crap? Well I'm here to help you out! I'm about to share with you four apps that I use that would surely be as helpful to you all as they are to me! The best part is…I never buy apps so all the apps listed below are absolutely f r e e!

1 / S E L F C O N T R O L 

Got a paper to cram? A thesis to research on? The name of the app pretty much describes its function: it helps you control yourself while using your mac via blacklisting all the websites that you frequent and distract you. (If you're a twitter addict though this might be rendered useless especially if you have the app open and your phone is also ringing constantly with notifications.) The best part about the app is that it has a timer and the app will stick to it. Close the app, restart your mac, refresh it, the blacklisted sites will remain banned so you have no way out of it! More motivation for you to finish your paper!

2 / C A F F E I N E

Caffeine is simple: it keeps your mac from going to sleep. If you are like me who hates waiting on start ups and screensavers, this is the app for you. I mainly downloaded Caffeine to avoid activations of the screensaver when I'm in the middle of memorizing formulas and other school-related things onscreen. All you have to do it click on the cute little empty coffee mug at the top bar and you're good to go! Click it again to empty it and turn the app off.

3 / R E L A X M E L O D I E S

Again, self explanatory. This app features more than 40 relaxing sounds that could be mixed and matched for when you're about to go to sleep or simply relax. You can even save your favorite combinations of sounds for future reference. 

4 / G E E K T O O L

Geektool is one of the more intimidating apps because it has codes involved. But guess what? It doesn't have to be hard! There are readymade codes that you simply have to copy-paste on the text boxes depending on what you want to put on your desktop (e.g. clock, calendar, weather, etc.). Fonts and sizes are customizable too so it's very user friendly. Above you can see my desktop when editing on geektool and the another screengrab when geektool is closed. 

I hope you appreciated me sharing with you my fave apps for the Macbook. What's your favorite Macbook app? I'd appreciate your comments below! :)

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