Friday, May 30, 2014

Japan Day 4: Pokemon Center, Shibuya, Harajuku & Shinjuku

As usual we started our day at the Shinagawa Station enroute to the Pokemon Center. Below is the photo of how the building looks like outside. The Pokemon Center is on the second floor.
After ~mini shopping~, we walked back to the train to go to the famous Shibuya crosswalk and see Hachiko's statue. It was quite awkward to pose with Hachiko because there were actually TV cameras surrounding the little place and it looked like they were shooting for something.
And there it is. The iconic Shibuya crosswalk. It actually seems much bigger in photos and I was kind of shocked when I saw it in real life. There were really a lot of people though. 
After walking around thinking of what to eat, we came across a ramen place with vending machines outside. There was a Filipina tourist who overheard us talking and recommended their ramen. Their ramen was pretty good, but their gyoza was the best I've ever tasted. 
After walking around Shibuya we boarded the train again to go to Harajuku. Takeshita St. was the first thing we saw when we got off the station. The street is lined with so many cool, quirky and colorful shops. There was also a Wolfgang Puck Express and a huuuuge Daiso store which I really enjoyed lurking. 4 floors and everything is for 100 Yen? Yes please!
Laduree makeup. *_* They look as good as their macarons!
Harajuku is a short walk from Omotesando which is known as the "Champs Elysees of Japan", but to me it was more like the Orchard Road of Japan. The street is lined with high end designer shops and even an Armani Cafe. Prices of the designer bags in Japan are doubled compared to the prices in the US so it's no wonder the Japanese hoard when they travel to other countries. 
We weren't sure where to go next so we rode the train again to go to Shinjuku which is famous for its night life. We sort of got lost and my dad forgot the street he went to last December, so we resorted to Mcdonald's for dinner since we were too tired to walk. Whenever we travel to another country I see to it that when I order at Mcdonalds I order something that isn't found here in Manila. In this case I had an Ebi Avocado burger. Nothing special, it tastes like shrimp with avocado. Haha!
After regaining some of our energy from dinner, we just walked around Takashimaya and had gelato. On the train back home, I sort of rushed to get inside the train and the door closed behind me so I had no choice but to meet my parents at the next station. I was actually alone in Japan for approximately 8 mins. LOL

So that's it for Day 4! Japan is such a wonderful country so I'm hoping for another opportunity for us to go back. I just edited photos for Day 5 which is going to be such a treat because it's Disney Sea day!

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