Friday, June 06, 2014

Japan Day 5: Tokyo Disney Sea

Day 5  is  Tokyo Disney Sea day soooo prepare for a lot of stalker photos of children. Mehehe *_*

If there's one thing I learned about the Japanese that day, it was that they have extreme obsession tendencies. On the train to Disney you can already spot kids and adults alike dressed in disney gear from head to toe. When they go in pairs/couples/groups, they also make sure they match. 
Cutesy train that'll take you to the different Disney hotels and themeparks. Reminds me of the train in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Little Disney princesses outside the hotel!!! Kawaii!!!
HHWJC - Holding Hands With Jiminy Cricket
Little Alice in Disneyland!!! *Squeals*
Twinning? More like quadrupletting!!!
The first ride we went to is the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. It was a dark and child-friendly ride, but everything was in Japanese so the experience wasn't very pleasant. To make matters worse, the bag was unzipped and everything in it fell on the floor of the ride. I had to look for all my stuff in the dark. :(

My dad and I rode the Journey to the Center of the Earth next. The line was an hour long so we assumed it was really good. The ride started out slow on the way up, then ZOOOOOM down really quick with no chance to react. Then that was it. We expected more but sadly that was actually the end of the ride.
Disney souvenir game is strong. I admire their dedication.
My yummy yummy chicken curry meal. My mom got shrimp curry and my dad got beef curry which were both really good too.  I swear this park has the best tasting food out of the other Disney parks I've been to. Even that bear custard was light and heavenly. 
Lots of Japanese girls were squealing and swooning over Aladdin. Can't blame them. What a cutie.
The Indiana Jones ride was really fun. I honestly expected more "thrilling" parts, but it was so amusing. I liked it.
Tower of Terror which I didn't ride because I am too chicken. We did however ride the Toy Story one which was super duper fun. It's a 6D ride similar to the Men In Black ride in Universal Studios. 
After the ride we waited for the parade….which was awfully short. It had 10 characters tops, unlike in other Disney parks. It was weird and we can't help but compare it to other parks because aside from the fact that everything was in japanese, the parade wasn't much of a parade and more of an entrance.
After several rides, we ditched the plan of going to Ropponggi Hills and opted to have dinner there. We went to the American side and ate burgers which were surprisingly good too. Their clam chowder was also very good. 
After souvenir shopping we waited for the night show (which was also in Japanese so it really annoyed me). The show was something that didn't disappoint though because there were fireworks and floats and disney ~feely~ songs that played (e.g. The Circle of Life). 
I was both happy and sad because I wasn't able to fully enjoy the Disney experience because everything was literally in Japanese and that the parade was terribly short. Everything else was perfect though, especially the food. The food was the best.

I hope you liked the stalker photos of little kids and everything in between. Took as many decent photos as I could to share it with everyone. Day 6 is our last day in Japan and we went to Odaiba, which is probably my fave part of the city. Weee~

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