Sunday, June 22, 2014

Japan Day 6: Odaiba

*Evil cackle because I am 2 months late with this last Japan post*

We had our flight on Day 6 but we managed to squeeze in a visit to Odaiba that morning. Odaiba* is in a separate area of Tokyo and could be a city in itself. There are so many things to do there that it could take a day to roam around. Too bad we weren't able to stay longer!

Odaiba's most famous for the Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty located just outside of Aqua City. It was raining when we were there so the photos are quite gloomy. 

*Train fares to Odaiba are a bit more pricey because they are on a different train line/company.
 The famous Fuji TV building is also located in Odaiba. It's huge!
There was a Gundam Cafe that sold food and toys. I bought a tiny plastic toy from the vendo machine outside. 
 So we just basically walked around the outside of the buildings because we didn't have time to explore everything. We went in Diver City and shopped at H&M and the grocery for treats to take home. 
That morning we experienced an earthquake while we were in out hotel room, but it seemed quite normal to the Japanese already. While having lunch at the fanciest food court I've ever seen, they were announcing warnings of possible aftershocks. No Japan visit is complete without a little earth shaking!
 Lunch was good and we passed by Tully's for coffee, but then it was time to bid adieu to Japan. We rushed back to Marriott to get our bags and hop on the airport bus they've arranged for us. I really loved our stay in Japan and I hope that we could have another chance to come back and visit more places. 

I always love visiting new places, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. I'm so excited for more future travels. Where will I go next?

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