Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cebu 2014: Part 2

Am I….2  months late for posting this??? Yes I am. And I am sorry I just flat out neglected this blog for the last months of my university life. BUT I have no regrets whatsoever because I think it's safe to say I'm about to graduate soon! Woopdeedoo!

Here is part 2 of our on-a-whim trip to Cebu last June. We went to the Lapu-Lapu shrine then had lunch at Shrangi La Mactan for our third day. We had dinner at Rico's, another famous lechon place in Cebu, then heard mass at Ayala Center. Ali Harvard also happened to be there so I saw her too.
 Our fourth day there was Father's Day and we had lunch at a really good Thai restaurant called Siam Thai before catching a flight back to Manila that afternoon.

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