Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life update # 2

Breaking news: I am still a bum who does nothing all day. 

Since I spend almost everyday literally indoors, I have nothing much to post so I'll just show photos of the past week or so and a Spotify playlist of the music I've been listening to lately. 
1 & 2 Two Saturdays ago we went to Sam Won for a good korean lunch // 3 A mini makeup haul from Benefit in preparation for my graduation // 4 Spent the afternoon with my ex roommate Patcha at Toast Box

 5 Kripy Kreme donuts // 6 7 & 8 A very very yummy Sunday lunch at Coca : Suki Platter and Prawns with Garlic
9 New Herschel backpack c/o my parents // 10 Bought a new macbook charger that hopefully won't give up on me // 11 Pizza from our Sunday dinner at The Wholesome Table // 12 I've been very fixated on the Greek Yogurt + Blueberry Preserves + Muesli combination for breakfast

Now here's music that I've been listening to nonstop today. I'm surprised that I really liked Chris Brown's new album. My personal fave has been Nolan Ryan by Hoodie Allen. I hope you enjoy this playlist!

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