Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Canada 2014 Day 4: Roadtrip to Niagara and Buffalo

Day 4! And no, I did not miss a blogpost because our Day 3 was just mainly spent on shopping since it was Boxing Day. In case you don't know what Boxing Day is, let's just say it's pretty similar to America's Black Friday with all the sales and whatnot. We woke up around 5am to get to Best Buy and the Premium Outlet early.  

Day 4 was an awesome road trip to America. Toronto is a short drive from the border of USA so we decided to pay a visit to Niagara Falls and Buffalo's downtown.

My very excited (and very cute!!!) little cousin while eating his cherries.

Our first stop was the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine where we stopped by to pray and take lots and lots of photos despite the freakishly cold weather. #cantstopus!
Afterwards we hit the outlet nearby and then had late lunch at one of the best burgers ever. Five guys has awesome tasting burgers!
A photo of a bridge with a very awkward angle from when we were on our way towards Grand Island. 
We parked the cars at one spot in Buffalo's downtown then strolled around despite the yet again relentlessly cold weather.
After walking around we checked in the hotel which was actually the same one we stayed in when we toured Niagara Falls back in 2010. We settled down then got ready again to leave for the falls. The kids and my grandmother wanted to stay and rest so it was just me and the adults. 

The falls does not disappoint! It wasn't my first time but seeing it every time was like the first. The sight and sound of the water rushing down is so powerful and overwhelming that it makes me feel so small. The US side doesn't have much of a view of the falls since the water is coming from their side, but the skyline of the Canada side sort of makes up for it. 
After freezing our asses off we had a late dinner at Panera Bread. *fist pump*

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