Saturday, July 04, 2015

Canada 2014 Day 5: Buffalo Naval and Military Park and Niagara on the Lake

Seeing as it was a Sunday, the first thing we did was hear mass at a nearby church. Afterwards, we went to the Naval and Military Park located at the shore of Lake Erie in Buffalo. 

We did not go inside the museum but we did roam around the outside. One of the coldest days of the visit I must say and the strong winds did not help at all!
Look at me all happy like my nose wasn't even running. Haha!
Since I was riding at the "kids" car with all my little cousins, I was fortunate enough to ride shotgun with my uncle on the wheel. My father was the one driving the other car. 
We went back to Ontario to visit Niagara on the Lake. To be honest this trip was way too long ago for me to remember what kinds of food we had in between stops. All I know is that our meal times were very irregular and that we usually ate fast food since we were always on the go. It was also winter so the sun sets early so we as much as possible rush to most places while the sun is (partially) out.
My cousins and I with our failed attempts of skipping rocks.
After walking around, we wanted to visit a vineyard. Unfortunately the Inniskillin winery was closed early so my uncle and my dad used their headlights so that my aunt and I could take proper photos of the frozen grapes. We actually had some of their ice wine for New Year's Eve and it was indeed really good. Much stronger and sweeter than red and white wine.
Quite a long drive later we arrive at Niagara Falls once again, but this time Canada side. It was no surprise that is was freezing out, but the added mist from the falls was wayyyyyy too cold. Imagine my struggles with using my iphone since I had to take off my gloves every time I had to take a photo. Huhu. The sight is a wonder though and the wind burn was well worth it. 

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