Wednesday, July 29, 2015

America 2015: Massachusetts pt. II

We stayed in Massachusetts for a week since my dad had meetings to attend. Out of our 6 days there, I only managed to go to Boston twice since other days my mom and I just tried to adjust to East Coast time in our hotel room. We were staying at the Residence Inn in Woburn like we always do and it's just a train ride away.

I was supposed to go to the city alone since I really wanted to visit the museums, but my mom and a family friend wanted to tag along so off we went. We rode the Lowell line at Woburn station towards North Station inside Garden Stadium where we got off. From there we walked to the Museum of Science by simply following Nashua St. 

My mom and I with the Charles River and Museum of Science in the background. 
If you're new to Boston, I suggest taking a Duck Tour wherein you get to be toured around the city's famous sites in an amphibian vehicle. We joined a tour once during my first time in the city when I was 10 years old.

Tickets to Boston's Museum of Science cost $23 per head. 
Nat Geo wildlife photographer in the making... *badum tss*
I honestly did not check the internet as to what the museum had to offer so I was disappointed when I noticed that it mainly catered to elementary students. There was a really cool exhibit though called Modernist Cuisine which is my favorite part of the museum. 
Just a short walk from the museum is a mall called CambridgeSide Galleria where we had our lunch and window shopping. After a full meal from Sarku *fist pump* we went to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, which is easily one of my favorite museums (I think I like it better than Louvre). To get there, we walked back to Science Park Station where we boarded the train and got off at the Museum of Fine Arts Station

I particularly love this area of the city because it has a very european feel to it. Plus, the facade of the museum itself is very pretty. When we got to the doors of the museum we were surprised that a long line was forming. A museum staff outside then announced that the entrance was free that day *more fist pumping* and we got really excited because we get to see the Hokusai Exhibit for free! We didn't bother asking why it was free but when we got to the cashier they asked if we wanted to donate to the museum so my mom donated a couple of bucks. 

In we went to see Egyptian relics and even an original papyrus. We were in a hurry since my dad was gonna get off work soon, so we opted to only check out the highlights of the museum. 

On a normal day, entrance to the museum costs $25 for Adults, $23 for Students (18 yrs+) & Seniors and free for 17 and below on weekends and after 3pm on weekdays. For more info click HERE.
The Hokusai exhibit was huge. Now I don't even pretend like I know his other works besides the "Under the Wave off Kanagawa" but nonetheless I very much enjoyed the rest of the exhibit despite my aching feet. 
Some of the works of Picasso like the Rape of the Sabine Women.
There was also an exhibit on photography from the tragic earthquake and tsunami incident in Japan. Some of the photos really gave me goosebumps. There were videos and projections of the unfortunate incident as well, depicting the highly negative effect it had on Japan. 
We got to the contemporary art section of the museum and it was such a cute and "instagramable" place! It's like a smaller version of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. 
I honestly did not want to leave but my mom was already nagging me that we should be heading home so we took a train back to Woburn where we had dinner off a food truck that was parked outside our hotel. 

And that's about it for our visit to Massachusetts and a little bit of New Hampshire! Sorry if there weren't much places since like I said, it wasn't our first time there so we've been to common nearby destinations like Fenway Park, Cape Cod and Rhode Island.

To check out a collection of my iphone photos from Boston check out my VSCO Journal.

Next post is New York! I'm so excited to share all my photos with you guys. 'Til next time! :P

If you happen to be in the area, I suggest shopping in New Hampshire since everything is tax free. Yay for smart spending!

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