Tuesday, July 28, 2015

America 2015: Massachusetts and New Hampshire pt. I

My first photo diary for our US trip starts with a day spent in Boston, my favorite city in America (and 2nd in the world right after Paris. Sorry New York!). There's just something about Boston that makes it so...likeable. Maybe it's the perfect weather, the view of the Charles River, their calm parks, or the fact that two of the most prestigious universities in the world are a short ride away. Really, I love Boston and Massachusetts in general. It was actually my third (or fourth?) time to be there and I can't believe I forgot how perfect everything is. 

We arrived late Saturday night, so we attended mass in the city the next day. Afterwards we parked beside Quincy Market so that we could walk around the city. 

Excuse this very touristy photo, I think my eyes disappeared in this photo.
We watched a street performer do tumbling tricks  in front of Faneuil Hall before walking to the oldest restaurant in America, the Union Oyster House. We ordered New England Clam Chowder, Baked Lobster and Scallops. They also give you really good corn bread for free as appetizer.
A stalker photo of a dog chilling on a Hummer's dashboard.

We visited Cambridge as well where we looked for Harvard and MIT. We drove around Harvard buildings and passed by some of their colleges like their Business School. When we got to MIT we decided to go in since we found out we were allowed to.
Coming from an engineering background it kind of felt surreal to be in the best engineering school in the world. We saw some of their labs on the ground floor and I just wanted to shrivel on the floor because their equipments look so sophisticated that it's nothing compared to DLSU's. *sobs*
Next stop was Merrimack Outlets in New Hampshire for some shopping (LOL). I still like Wrentham Premium Outlets better though since it has more stores. We didn't exactly go all out with shopping though since we knew we had a lot of stops ahead of us and it would be such a hassle to have a lot of things to carry around.
And that's it for part one of my favorite city in America. I hope you enjoyed my photos since I am not so good with words. 

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