Wednesday, September 16, 2015

America 2015: New York Day 2

Our second day in New York was hands down the most exhausting day of our entire trip for me. We started the day by walking from our hotel all the way to Central Park at around 7am. My dad and I "jogged" *cough posers cough* around the park before meeting back with the others near the Bethesda fountain. We bought lunch off the food carts and ate lunch at the hotel. 

After that was the start of my adventure alone. After lunch I decided to buy my ticket for MoMA from our hotel concierge since when I was about to leave the hotel, I panicked when I saw that tickets online were already sold out for the day. And a smart decision it was! When I got to MoMA (I walked) the ticketing line was looooooooooooong. 

*Entrance to MoMA is $25 per head. No student($14) /senior($18) discounts are given when you buy from hotels.
I only opted for the highlights of the museum since I had to meet up with my relatives at Times Square that afternoon. Here are some of the art I saw inside the museum.
After walking around the museum I did even more walking (CARDIO DAY) back to Times Square. It took a while for my relatives to get there and it was really crowded so I decided to sit and wait inside Forever 21 which earned me weird looks from the staff. I was there for about an hour lol.
 We went to the M&M's store, bought candy, walked to Rockefeller, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Grand Central, Chrysler Building and Empire State building before having dinner in Shake Shack (again!!!!). We were also supposed to go to Madison Square Garden, but since we walked the entire day we were just too tired for our lives. 
While eating I spotted Justin Long so I chased him down 8th Avenue only to see him with Amanda Seyfried. She was busy with other fans though so I was only able to have a photo with Justin Long (who was really nice btw).

And that's it for New York! My blog posts get briefer and lazier as time elapses since I tend to forget the details of our trip. Stress at work has been taxing and I've been spending a lot of overtimes. I'm trying to do my best to be able to share in this blog all photos from the trip before this year ends though. I hope you all like this post nonetheless! :) 

Til the next one.

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