Thursday, November 19, 2015

America 2015: New Jersey

Wow a lot has happened and changed since I last blogged. Now I'm on a blog posting spree because I have so much left to share from our trip to America last May-June!

From Manhattan we rented out an XL version of the Chevy Yukon to fit all of us and our luggages for the road trip ahead of us. Our first stop was New Jersey. What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than a food truck festival at a race park? There were so many types of food to choose from so we got a little bit of each so that we could try all the food.

 First try were the cheese curds. Anything cheesy is gooood. 
Fish tacos and paella, anyone?
 We got pulled pork sliders, falafel and empanadas too. We watched the horses race, but after a while we left to drive around.
I never got to know the exact name of this place, but what stuck to me is that the main road here is named Ocean Avenue and that it is a very wealthy neighborhood similar to the houses in Newport, Rhode Island.
 We didn't know where to stay the night so we decided to go to Atlantic City and see if it's worth it. Much to our dismay the place is dry and close to dead. Instead of checking in there, we checked in at a Marriott Residence Inn nearby and  called it a night.
There wasn't much for us in New Jersey. So excited to share with you our next stop which was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

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