Thursday, November 19, 2015

America 2015: Pennsylvania

Next stop: Pennsylvania! 

Of course our first destination was Philadelphia. We had a horrible time looking for parking spot that could fit our XL car but after a few rounds we successfully found a spot. We wanted to go see the Liberty Bell but the line was very long under the scorching hot sun so we just walked around. 

As smart and thrifty people (YES WE ARE) we got the trolley tours map and followed its route via our car instead. That way we wouldn't miss the attractions, and at the same time we'd be able to go on our own pace/skip spots that don't strike our interest. We didn't spend a penny either. WOOHOO. 

The architecture and street art in Philly are solid proofs that it's an artsy city. I really loved seeing everything. 
What's a trip to Philly if you don't try Philly Cheesesteak?! It was absolute heaven. We all tried Geno's because we heard it was the best. Right across from it is its rival Pat's Steaks. 

A foot long of cheesesteak and a gelato later, we get back on the road en route to Hershey.

Yes, the place is indeed named after Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey's Chocolates. From Philly we stayed the night at another Marriott hotel in Hershey so that we could visit Chocolate World the next day. 
 I love food. Look at how happy I am. Look at how wide my hips are. HAHA
From Chocolate World we went to the Indian Echo Caverns. It's basically a the Underground River in Palawan but with better lighting and damp floors.
It's...Jabba the Hutt!
After the Indian Echo Caverns we left for...BALTIMORE. So excited to share my fangirl feelings!
I hope you liked this long overdue travel blog on Pennsylvania!

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