Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Australia 2015: Adelaide

I guess you can say that this post is extra special to me because I'll be moving to Adelaide, South Australia in less than two months to pursue graduate studies. 

Adelaide CBD

 Some snaps from the CBD. We had dinner one night at Jaimie Oliver's Restaurant only to be let down pretty badly. For a very popular celebrity chef, his restaurant served really sub par tasting food. It wasn't cheap either.

Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island was easily one of my favorite, places on earth. Everything was beautiful and remote and untouched. I've never appreciated nature that much in the past, but this tour brought it to a whole new level. To call it beautiful was an understatement. In order to get there we rode a tourist bus from Adelaide CBD to a ferry port down south. From there we took a rocky boat ride to the island. 
 Views during the bus ride to the ferry.
Once we got to the island we again boarded another tourist bus. Some may also opt to bring their cars to the island so that they may drive around with the luxury of time. 
One of the cute houses in Kangaroo Island that caught my eye. 
 The island is huge and from what I remember is even bigger than Singapore, but population very scarce. There wasn't any signal in the island either.
 Seal Bay meant close encounter with the seals doing their yoga!
The Remarkable Rocks looking remarkable indeed.
 We went on a Koala Walk but we were also able to spot Kangaroos and Echidnas just walking out and about doing their own thing. 
I went on this tour with only one hour of sleep so I was asleep in between destinations. One of the best parts is seeing the most beautiful sunset I have seen against a beautiful landscape. I'm really excited to call this place home for the next 2 years.

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