Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Japan 2016: Hiroshima

My father booked a last minute trip to Japan for my birthday and I was ecstatic because Japan is honestly the best country in the world for me. It is an entirely different world on its own and has a certain kind of energy that no other city can offer. Click here for our previous Japan holiday.What we booked were round-trip flights to and from Fukuoka so once we landed we went straight to the shinkansen station to ride a bullet train bound for Hiroshima. We stayed in Sheraton Hiroshima right beside the train station which was very convenient.
 View from our hotel room.

 The dome pictured above is one of the only structures left standing after the nuclear bombing in World War II.
 It's amazing to see the city so alive with barely any trace of suffering and hardship whatsoever. But of course, we barely scratched the surface and the museum reflects on the tragedy and its long term effects on its people.
 Me looking as awkward as ever.
 To date, several people still pray at the shrine erected outside the Hiroshima bombing Museum.
 Warning: I have posted a few photos of the morbid effects of the bombing to the citizens of Hiroshima along with other relics found during the aftermath. 
 If you know the story about the 1000 paper cranes, it is about a girl named Sadako with a terminal illness. An old japanese belief says that your wish will come true after creating 1000 paper cranes so she made them. Unfortunately, her illness still caught up to her at a young age.
 The cutest puppers
Food in Hiroshima isn't as good as in Tokyo and Nagoya, but it's manageable. Their street food is really cheap so that's a plus. 

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