Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Japan 2016: Osaka

Our trip was last March...and it's already November. Whoops. Better late than never! No photos of Universal Studios Japan because I didn't bring my camera, but that was definitely one of the best days ever. 
 D O T O N B O R I:
One of the best places in the world (probably) to food trip

 M I Z U N O:
 A michelin star restaurant with food that didn't quite meet our expectations.
P A B L O:
Best theme song on loop in their store. Mediocre cheesecakes.
 U M E D A  S K Y  B U I L D I N G:
Just a building with nice views of the city. Cool escalators tho.
 K U R O M O N  I C H I B A  M A R K E T:
Fresh seafood and sushi. Need I say more?
'Til the next trip.

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