Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Day At BGC

We were supposed to go to the Mind Museum that day, but when we found out that the tickets had time slots, we backed out and decided to go to High Street instead. Food-wise, this day was perfect. This was basically just me tweaking with my 50mm lens since I haven't used it in a while.

The sky was so pretty and ombre!

A very fulfilling and abundant dinner at Village Tavern! More on that in another post when I try to be like a food blogger(but still won't come close due to lack of detail and proper photos).

Whenever we are around the area, a trip to Sonja's is always a must. I bought Vanilla Sunshine and Red Velvet cupcakes which I brought back to my dorm. 

Like Sonja's it was also mandatory for me to visit Fullybooked's biggest store because there's floors and floors of good books just waiting to be read. As I was browsing through copies of books, I found Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to check out the illustrations inside (since I only have an ebook copy) and to my surprise, I found one of Fiel's copies of "Outlet". By instinct, I almost yelled but I ended up just gasping once I was able to stop myself. I ended up buying Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler since at that time I was reading Bittersweet, also by Sarah Ockler. 

While all that was happening, my parents decided to wait for me at the Starbucks. I couldn't stop myself from buying one too because all the book searching got me thirsty. Afterwards, we scanned the vinyl section upstairs just because my dad wanted to.  

Overall, it was a pretty good day! :)

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