Saturday, February 23, 2013

Unhealthy Obsessions: Life Ruiners v1.0

For months -- some years,  I've been watching these people from Youtube do their vlogs and whatnot. I've been addicted since Regina told me about Bertie Gilbert back in 2011... and I've never stopped watching since. They've raised my expectations on practically everyone I meet because they're so fun and spontaneous.

1. Bertie Gilbert
A 15 year old has never been this talented. His skills and out-of-the-box thinking is evident in his videos and in his other channel Bertorium. Another good reason to love him is because he is a Malfoy. Even though it was only his hair that was shown in the Deathly Hallows movie, the fact that he was casted as Scorpius Malfoy amuses me. I will not deny that he's very easy on the eyes too.

2. PJ Liguori
His videos are so complex, he challenges my brain every time he posts a new video...unless of course it's a vlog. He does everything from animations to visual effects, acting and editing. He sings too. And his eyes that seem to pierce through your soul whenever he talks to the camera. Oh god. I always find myself grinning whenever I watch his videos.

3. Marcus Butler
With his trademark "HELLOOOO" at the start of his videos and perfect hair, it's hard not to like love Marcus. His relevant videos are so funny and his friendship with Alfie is something I'd always be jealous of. It's funny too how he knows most songs' lyrics...and it's extra funny when they sing along to One Direction.

Not the usual type of channel I'd subscribe to, but I found her because she was in one of Sam Pepper's videos. She does videos on her shopping haul, her life, and everything in between. She actually got me inspired for my new year's resolution to be more girly(????) because I used to be pretty boyish especially back in high school. Not that I'll ever be as girly or as pretty as her, but ya know. She's someone I'd look up to in terms of "fixing myself up". 

I laugh the hardest at Chris' videos simply because he is crabstickz. I swear he's one of the funniest people on earth and I always look forward to his videos! He's such a good actor you almost forget that all the characters in his video are played by him. Once again, I JUST LOVE HIM. His level of humour. I just can't.

More youtubers to come soon. Obviously there's more than just 5 people I've been obsessing over and this is just the beginning. Haha!

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