Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Circuit Fest 2013

It's been a while since I last posted and I'm sorry for that! It's been an emotional and confusing couple of months and I think it's about time to get back on track. 

Last May 25th was one of the best days ever. I'll spare you from the flailing and cut to the chase.

Highlights during breakfast:
1. Cameron Leahy (The Downtown Fiction) came down to Cafe Jeepney and sat across our table. Naturally, Kat and I didn't know what to do at first, but since Cameron was eating his breakfast and reading Pride and Prejudice, we can't disturb him. We resorted to writing on a piece of paper and have the waiter give it to him. To our dismay, he just set it aside once he got the letter. We were so bummed when we saw him get off his seat but he surprised us by approaching us. He held up the letter I wrote on and asked "Is this from you guys?". He was so down to earth and kind and just wow. Perfect just like their music!

2. My WATIC story will be much more unreliable because half the time I was actually trying to analyze how I should approach them afterwards! 

It all started when my friends were repeatedly saying "MARIEL MARIEL MARIEL" with urgency. I just knew that Jordan was there...along with Rob and Tay (Tay looking more gorgeous than ever). They didn't have a table that it got to a point where Cam stood up and talked to the waitress to give them our spot. The waitress was kind of a bitch and they ended up sitting on the table behind us. More specifically, Jordan was right behind me the whole time. I was so giddy I didn't know what to do. When they told me Jordan's leaving, I gathered all the confidence I can muster and approached Jordan and asked for a picture. He said "Yeah, sure but after this I gotta go to take a shower." He was so kind!

After eating 'breakfast' at Jeepney we went to the pool area where all the bands were hanging out (apparently). There were so many guards that we were scared we wouldn't meet any of them. Turns out those were guards for Enrile (Senate President) and Binay(Vice President)! Most of the band dudes passed by but we didn't get to meet any of them :(

After lunch we roamed around SM Makati for a bit then went to Camille's house and enjoyed her water bed :3 We rested for a bit then got a ride to the venue! The place was big but not as nice as I expected.

We got to the venue when Megan Nicole was performing but we positioned ourselves in the crowd in preparation for the bands we went for.

This Century

The Downtown Fiction

Before You Exit

We Are The In Crowd

I had to get out of the inner mosh area because I was so thirsty, tired and hungry. I was so glad I got to see some of the friends I always talk to online! Also, it was my first time to meet Camille! Yay!

Unfortunately, I had to leave before Mayday started playing. :( No regrets though despite the rain and the sweat and the tears! For at least one day, I let go of all my fears and worries and just enjoyed life. I need more days like this. I've been so anxious lately :(

*Photo Credits: Steph Bracewell

Also don't forget to check out my vlog on the event

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