Monday, October 14, 2013

Tagaytay // 101313

Sunday is family day and we stuck to that yesterday since we spent the entire day with my relatives from Qatar. We went to Tagaytay and our first stop was Skyranch which is the later attraction in the city. Apparently, it has the "biggest ferris wheel" in the Philippines and is located high above sea level. We didn't go in, however, two of my cousins went horseback riding. They are so adorable. 

 "Horses may kick, bite and fart." 
Thanks for the warning but we can smell the poop all the way from the parking lot. Haha!

 After a brief stop at Skyranch for the horses, we headed to Cliffhouse to eat at our favorite restaurant in Tagaytay, Buon Giorno (for late lunch). I like Cliffhouse because they have a good selection of restaurants and unlike other parts of Tagaytay, it is less crowded and has a nice view of the Taal Lake. Buon Giorno serves some of the best Italian food in the country so if you haven't tried it, check it out next time!

 Before heading back down to Sta. Rosa, we passed by the Good Sheperd to buy pasalubong and whatnot.

And that ends my series of photos! Afterwards we heard mass at Westgrove then had dinner at Cafe Breton. It was such a tiring day. 

Now, I shall focus on our thesis and other school work! Ah when will this misery end? :(

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